Friday, 7 September 2012

My Year So Far..

Today I fancied just having a little ramble about what I've done this year. Thinking about it I've done quite a lot in comparison to usual. It's been really good. 

Eiffel Tower, Paris
The fun began in Paris in February. Despite the fact that it was minus degrees the whole time and the twelve hour coach journey each way, it was wonderful all the same. Since it was a school trip I enjoyed myself more than I usually would have since I was surrounded by my friends the whole time. This also meant that I had people to go on the rides with in DisneyLand which was a bonus. 

Louvre Museum, Paris
Since it was a school trip, the hotel was poo and so was the food there but I think that actually made it better because it meant we could pretty much do what we wanted and it wouldn't make it any less poo. It was wonderful, we did all sorts from DisneyLand to McDonalds on the Shanzelize and from the Eiffel Tower to shaving chunks out of our eyebrows for something fun to do in the hotel room. I loved Paris, I got to go places that I've wanted to for years and I've witnessed some of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Cute little sweet shop we found in Keswick
Next up was a geography trip to Keswick in the Lake District. We went there to do our case study but the work itself only took about an hour to do so we had the rest of the day to have a look around and enjoy ourselves. In my opinion Keswick is such a cute little place with an adorable town centre with little stand alone shops like the one in the photo above. The day we went was overcast but not wet so it was almost perfect for it really. 

Aw, I just love this photo
Keswick is such a lovely place, it's views are so beautiful and everyone is just so friendly. When doing our case study we met a couple with a great dane too and it was just so gentle and I loved it, even though I am a cat person, I just wanted to steal it and bring it home with me. I really enjoyed this day too, we had a laugh and we got to see such a nice place so I'm not complaining one bit even though we did school work.

View from the inside of the Colosseum

So then there was Rome only around a month ago. I very much enjoyed it. I'm not usually one for sight seeing, It's all about the sun and the tanning for me, but you'd struggle not to be amazed by the sights that are there. The weather was positively glorious the whole time we were there, it was around thirty six degrees every day. The food was also beautiful, when I was there I ate the best pizza I've had in my whole life. I gotta give it to 'em, the Italians know a thing or two about good food. 

Can't keep away from cats!
Firstly I would just like to say that the cat shelter we went to in Rome was such a lovely idea and the people working there were so compassionate and loving towards all the cats living there. The cat shelter was situated right next to some ruins so the cats were able to roam free within them which was so lovely. The shelter mainly took in cats with mental illnesses that they had ended up with because of road accident and things along those lines. It was such a heartbreaking experience really because one was unable to walk properly and just struggled around the place but he was still trying to play with the other cats and it was just so adorable and sad at the same time. This shelter does such great work and it's a place I'd recommend you to go.

This was on my camera so I thought it would be nice
just to have it at the end
I've done other things this year too that but I don't have a lot to write about them to have a full paragraph each. In January I went to see one direction which was cool, I'm not the biggest fan but they're hot and they put on a good show so I enjoyed that. There was a small festival that I went to also which was great because I got to see Dizzee Rascal, Noah and the Whale, Rizzle Kicks, Maximo Park, Miles Kane, Spector, etc. We also went to Alton Towers which I loved. We also have a few things planned for the next few months too that I'm looking forward to, just to finish off the year as fun as it started.


  1. Lovely photos..
    & that sweet shop.. wow!

    Georgia x

  2. hey, nice blog! follow each other?

  3. Thank you and I will check out your blog if you wish

  4. Looks like you've had a fab year! That sweet shop is so cute xxx

    1. I really have and I know, I just love shops like that xxx

  5. Oh, this post is just divine! I haven't been back to Europe in several years... I'm definitely due for a trip back. =) When I studied in Rome I found it it's full of cat sanctuaries - so sweet!

    1. Aw thank you, deffinitely have another trip and I know, they're so adorable :-)